The Great Big Sky

Astrophotography, earthly photography and everything in between

Welcome to my site. I am located in Springville NY about 30 miles south of Buffalo.  I enjoy both imaging and eyepiece observing at various sites around Western NY and also my regular vacation spots in Maine,  Southern California and Mexico. I also enjoy volunteering at astronomy outreach programs and star parties at the Penn-Dixie Outdoor Education Center in Hamburg NY and also at events with the Buffalo Astronomical Association. In addition to my astrophotography I have also included several categories of standard photography since my photographic interests are not limited to the skies above us but also include the world around us. 


Buffalo Astronomical Association   (

Penn-Dixie Paleontological and Outdoor Education Center (

Astronomers Without Borders (

I can also be found on Instagram as "TheGreatBigSky" and can be reached via email at 

As far as the links to purchase any photos. I never intended this to be a profit endeavor. My photos are far from the quality you would see on many sites or magazines. I am still very much in the early learning curve of this hobby. The purchase aspect was inserted by my webmaster and any purchases are done through them and their printing labs so I cannot vouch for the quality. And i'm sure any poor quality would be more about my photo than their processing skills :)      

Once inside a gallery you can double click on any photo for an enlarged version.