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Astrophotography, earthly photography and everything in between

Welcome to my galleries. My base of operations is located in Springville NY just south of Buffalo. Although I have owned telescopes for most of my adult life I finally got started in astrophotography in 2014. I enjoy imaging and also eyepiece observing at various sites around Western NY with my various scopes. I also doing remote imaging where you rent telescope usage time at observatories such as I-Telescope and control the observatories scope through your home computer. This allows me to image objects in the southern hemisphere that are never seen in my northern skies. Although my images may not be as awe inspiring as some you may see elsewhere on the net I am looking forward to improving my craft as I gain more experience and am happy with how far I've progressed in 2 short years. The most enjoyable part of my hobby however might be my work with astronomy outreach programs such as the Penn-Dixie Paleontological and Outdoor Education Center in Hamburg NY where we do regular astronomy nights in an effort to bring the wonders of star gazing to both young and old. 


Buffalo Astronomical Association   (

Penn-Dixie Paleontological and Outdoor Education Center (

Astronomers Without Borders (

I have also included galleries of some non astronomical photos since my photography interests are not limited solely to the world above us  but also to the world around us. These are just a few of my favorites. I can also be found on Instagram as "TheGreatBigSky" and can be reached via email at- 

As far as the links to purchase any photos. I never intended this to be a  profit endeavor. The purchase aspect is run by my webmaster and any purchases are done through them and their printing labs so I cannot vouch for the quality.

Once inside a gallery you can double click on any photo for an enlarged version.


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