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About Me

I am a recently retired 34 year veteran of the Buffalo NY Police Department and spent the last 21 years as a Detective in the Crime Scene Unit until my retirement at the beginning of 2019. I consider my self lucky that my job in the CSU allowed me to learn photography on a Bronica medium format film camera prior to the digital revolution and I learned how to process and develop my photos in an actual darkroom. Although it was fun to learn that way I can't say I miss the days of taking a photo and then keeping your fingers crossed that it came out OK as you developed it. There is something to be said for instant feedback from your camera. I have also been very lucky to work with a very talented group of photographers in our unit who have shared their skills and expertise with me. I must also give credit to my wife Sherri who is a very good photographer in her own right and has the artistic flair that I lack. We always enjoy spending a day taking photos at our regular vacation spots in Oceanside California, Ogunquit Maine, Cancun Mexico and New Orleans. I have always be insanely curious about the universe and have loved the stars since I was a child. I have owned a teIescopes for visual use most of my adult life before jumping into astrophotography in 2014. I always tell people the best thing you can do for a kid is hand him a will open up a lifetime of enjoyment and wonder for him or her.